Our Services


This service is for our residential clients. To assist in the navigation of their landscape project.  Working with budgets, phases and contractors can be difficult without the expertise. As a Landscape Expert Livia has the answers to all of the pending questions from the preliminary to completion stages. She offers consulting via email, phone, Skype or onsite for almost any landscape project.

Also a Horticulturalist and Master Gardener, Livia offers help to any garden to achieve its maximum potential. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance or the most abundant perennial garden. From transforming an existing garden, to constructing a new one. Her experience and expertise are invaluable.

Landscape Design

Livia specializes in Landscape Design.  Her company The Design Coalition has been serving home owners in the GTA and Muskoka since 2000. Designing residential landscapes and offering the most high end 3D Visual Presentations. Her clients experience a virtual tour of their project prior to construction. The design packages are inclusive offering everything from the survey and site assessment, baseplan, site plans, concepts, virtual presentations and plant plans. Each design project is priced after an initial consultation.

Custom Projects

This is Andrew’s specialty. Working with clients and their interior or exterior construction wishes.  Whether it be a complete basement finishing, front walkway, a remodeled bathroom or a custom wood cabinet. He is a home expert, troubleshooting problems and fixes in every area of the home. 

He also works on a lot of specialty projects, re-inventing vintage/old pieces and making something new.  Harvest tables, cutting boards, bbq scrapers, stone pots, are all on our favourite lists.

Lectures & Lessons

We are happy to host different types of lectures and lessons in a variety of different formats and topics. Please us if you are interested in an onsite or offsite opportunity.

Some topics and ideas include:

  • Potting 
  • Dividing perennials
  • Garden Design
  • Planting 
  • Seasonal Planters
  • Pruning

Landscape Rescue

We want to salvage your materials before you throw them away. It might be a future construction project or maybe you want a change.  Feel free to contact us to help remove existing landscape/plant materials or structures.  We will gladly find a home for them on ‘The Farm’ or donate them to charity projects.