Our Products


Living Roots is home to extensive gardens.  We are currently renovating almost all of the gardens to resemble mass plantings. Organizing by species and varieties so we can propagate and participate in plant sharing with clients and our community, this will also help for ease of maintenance.

We have an abundant amount of hardy perennials and forest seedlings all priced at $5/gal

-Hostas                                                       -Cedars
-Lilies                                                          -Spruce
-Irises                                                         -Hemlock
-Echinacea                                                 -Fir
-Periwinkle                                                 -Dogwood
-Thyme                                                       -Sumac

We also have a great assortment of indoor plants, potted in some hand picked, unique pieces. Indoor plants are priced by piece.


We bundle up some favourite seasonal twigs and greens for your planting containers and decorative purposes. 

-Dogwood                                                        -Pine
-Pussy Willow                                                 -Cedar
-Birch                                                               -Spruce
-Sumac                                                            -Fir


We do have all natural seasonal fruits and veggies.  We also have free run, all natural brown eggs from our Chantecler Hens and duck eggs on occasion from our Welsh Harlequins. Our Beltsville Turkeys also lay the occasional eggs.

All Natural Free Range Eggs  $5/dozen
Seasonal All Natural Fruits and Vegetables




Our Portuguese Water Dog.  She works hard to keep patrol of the property and look out for possible predators.  She is also proud to lead the Port Perry Walk For Dog Guides and training to be a successful St.John’s Therapy Dog.




A Tzudle/Shihpoo. He is a miniature version of Teak. He is always ready for a belly-rub and loves to be a sidekick to anyone outside working around the property.  His temperament is very relaxed, yet playful. We love his carefree style, he fits in everywhere he goes.




A Miniature Shihtzu. She loves to snuggle up on a pillow inside. She prefers to watch from the windows but, if she is out and about can be found usually tucked into someones jacket, especially if it is cold outside.

Puppies will be ready to go at the end of May 2019.



We have been trying to help to preserve the Chantecler Chicken breed. We have been very impressed with the breed and how hardy and happy they are. The breed originates from Canada, they weather the cold well and are very friendly. We have a few that avery tame and even come when they are called. We have fertilized eggs and hatch chicks by request.




We put this $#!& on everything! Literally, we kind of do…….The kids ask for it if they hurt themselves. If someone gets too much sun, if a rash appears, a cut, I’m telling you. It is amazing! We even use it for our pets, yes, they have pet products too 🙂


TLC Petfood         

We like to take the holistic approach with our dogs.  This company delivers to your door and you never run out with the automatic delivery schedule. Plus, our picky eaters love it.  Knowing that our dogs are eating well gives us peace of mind. 



I can’t say enough about this company and their products.  They are truly one of the good ones!  Their six cosmic principles speak to my soul. I have never been disappointed by one of their products. The products are so universal and have so many purposes.